Wednesday, September 8, 2010

look, ma, no quitting!

What does THIS little picture tell ya, kids??

It tells you I know how to pick up a weight and use PhotoBooth.


It also means I really HAVE been exercising...and if you'll notice, there's nothing on my, say, BANGS.

Foreals! I haven't lost that 20 pounds yet - I'm not even close, really - but I'm actually ON the proper path. And I haven't gone anywhere near my forehead with scissors, tempting as it may be on a regular basis.

Let's interject here - my hairline SUCKS. I've considered buying that creepy powder for people with seriously thinning hair...y'know, to make it LOOK like there's more hair there at the scalp. I'll bet THAT really fools 'em.

But let's focus on the important shit here, which is: I'm actually sticking to things the way I said I would. I've started getting into a food plan that uses lots of fresh produce and weird concoctions I never would have thought of on my own. It's been fun to cook this stuff, and what's crazy is that it actually TASTES GOOD. Amazing.

So that's going to help in the fight against "I'm getting older so now I have to eat horrible diet foods to maintain my weight" - like, REALLY help. I'm not able to "diet" anymore anyway. The drive for that went out the window after the eating disorders business - once you make it out of those waters, you tend to wonder how you ever had the energy for it in the first place. So no dieting is ever going to work for me again. If I'm getting back into better shape, it's going to be by cooking fresh foods and getting some exercise, and it's not going to be a quick fix.

The slow results don't make for an exciting blog or experience, but I think my methods are working. "My methods" also involve not turning down comfort foods when I really have a craving, but I think I'm much more okay with that than with a quick and severe drop in weight - life is just way too short to cut out the stuff that's just plain FUN to eat. Knowwhutimsayin?

Now that fall's almost here, it's getting easier for me to exercise a little more. Kinda backwards, isn't it? I think it's because it's not 400 fucking million degrees out...or maybe it's because I saw what I look like in swimwear. I'm not really questioning it, though - I'm just gonna go with it.


  1. you rock!! i also do arm weights every other day or thereabouts. can't STAND tricep jiggle.

  2. Yeah, I have major tricep jiggle...trying desperately to get rid of it!

  3. Good job, lady. Just save room for some Cinnamon Pita Chips and it's all good :) When you feel like you're getting too excited about your progress, and it might lead to burn out, think on other things, like, oh, VIETNAM!

  4. oh my god, thank GOD. VIETNAAAAAAAMMMMM!